Write America: A Reading for Our Country

Book Revue is proud to be the home of Write America!

Write America is a new author series spearheaded by writer Roger Rosenblatt, featuring award-winning, nationally-renowned authors, and new and emerging writers, in readings and conversation each week about how books and art might bridge the deep divisions in our nation. Conversations will be streamed on Book Revue's Crowdcast channel. Writers including Major Jackson, Alice McDermott, Garry Trudeau, Alan Alda, Amy Hempel, Natalie Diaz, Paul Auster, and many more will come together for these virtual events, which are all free to attend.

The series launches February 1 with a conversation between poets Rita Dove and Billy Collins. View the full schedule of conversations below. Registration is now open for all events. Whenever possible, signed copies of the writers' books will be available to purchase. 

Write America Mission Statement: 

We are each other's
We are each other's
we are each other’s
magnitude and bond.

“Write America is an organization of writers concerned about the divisions  in our country that  have evidenced themselves and deepened over the past few years. We see a torn America these days, jeopardizing basic principles of justice, freedom, fair play, and equality.

These principles are important to writers, felt passionately if shown indirectly. They undergird our poems, novels, essays, memoirs, every form in which we attempt to  reach out to our human family through the quiet power of art. A writer’s words are a tacit call for people to gather round and  discover or rediscover their connections to one another. Writing  makes justice desirable, evil intelligible, grief endurable and love possible.

In this project, then, we have  come together to read our work in the interests of life's nobler values. Normally, in the course of our profession, we keep our distance. We create, publish, and say with Chaucer, 'go little book,'  to a remote receiving world. With our readings for Write America we will try to bridge  that distance in a gesture of bonding. The nation is injured. We hope to contribute to its healing.”

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