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Who's the Lucky Guy?

When he’s fired from his Wall Street IT job, Borden Duffield is certain things couldn’t possibly get much worse. But then, after his air guitar antics make him the star of a viral video, a call from his doctor brings even more cause for concern.

Suddenly, Borden is unemployed, overwhelmed, and facing the reality that he might not live another year. But when fate guides him to an Indian cooking demonstration, he suddenly sees hope in the form of the world’s most valuable spice—the little purple flowers of the saffron plant.

Joined by his wife Helen and his best friend Hill, Borden does everything he can to set his new idea in motion—including firing paintballs at local speeders and experimenting with “liquid ass.” Their destination? Amish country, Pennsylvania, where they’ll learn the secrets of growing saffron and begin gathering intel for their hopefully lucrative operation.

But when a clandestine group of criminals begins enacting its own dastardly plan, Borden could be out of luck yet again—and it’s not long before the group’s moneymaking venture transforms into a high-tech international caper.


Samuel Muggington grew up in a pinball machine. When the game began he bounced from Ohio to California. A few years later he rolled over to Arizona, and then a good whack returned him to Ohio. He spent several years teaching in Africa before he returned to the U.S.

After attending graduate school, he joined academia. He had the privilege of teaching many talented students, but eventually he decided to move on to try his hand at writing and gardening.

He has authored seven novels, The Abscission Zone, Who's The Lucky Guy?, Pomroy's World: Alone Volume 2, Pomroy's World: Arrival Volume 1, Force for Good, Sciurus, and People of the Stones.

Samuel Muggington
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