Sell Us Your Books

Yes, Book Revue does buy used books! We are always interested in purchasing book collections, entire libraries, single volumes or antiquarian books that meet the necessary criteria.

Please Note: We are now buying by appointment only. Please call us to schedule an appointment: 631-271-1442

What We Look For
In order for us to buy your books, they must be in good condition, there must be some demand for that particular subject or author, and it must be a title that we don’t have too many copies of at the time of purchase. The books must also be relevant, which means that any books about politics, culture, the internet, and other timely subjects must not be out of date. We do not buy abridged books. We only buy the most current edition of a textbook. We are highly selective about children's books; they must be in pristine condition for us to consider them. 

Condition is key. Does it look like a book you might be interested in buying at a bookstore? If not, then it's unlikely that we will be interesetd in it, either. 

How to Sell Us Your Books
Call us to schedule an appointment: 631-271-1442. We will want to know approximately how many books you're bringing and their subject. We buy books every day. Payment is in the form of cash or store credit. 

Larger Collections
If a collection is large and desirable enough, we will come to you. For more information, please email or call us at 631-271-1442

Antiquarian Books
For questions about selling your antiquarian or collectible books, please email Mallory at or call the store at 631-271-1442