Register Your Book Club

Register your book group with Book Revue and receive 20% off a new copy of your group’s monthly book! (10% off of a used or discounted copy.) 

Reading a book and then sharing your thoughts and feelings with others is a wonderful experience, the very kind that independent bookstores like us live for. We love book clubs (we even host one of our own) and are here to support you and your reading friends as you come together and discuss your latest read. 

Book Revue has move than 100 registered book groups. The benefits of registering your book group with us are:

  • Each member will receive 20% off the list price of your reading group selection.
  • We'll keep track of your book each month, so if you forget which title is next, we'll look it up for you!
  • Your group will be invited to special events at the store just for book groups.
  • Your group has an open invitation to hold its meetings at our store. We can create a comfortable semi-private area for you at Book Revue.

Speak to any one of our booksellers to register your book group with Book Revue! If your group is looking for a place to meet, contact Loren Limongelli at to talk about reserving space for your group to meet at Book Revue.  


Book Group FAQs

How do I register my book group with Book Revue?

It’s very simple. Come to Book Revue and complete a registration form. Any staff member at the cash registers can help you. Then each month let us know what selection you have made for the following month (we would like about three weeks notice to order books but it can be done in less time if necessary).

When the members of my group come to pickup the books, do we send a representative to get them or do we purchase them individually?

It’s up to the book group how you buy the books. You just need to be sure to mention that you are a book group member at the time you purchase the books so that you receive your discount.

We will order your books and place them on the store shelves. That way your members can simply find the books on the shelf each month.

Can my group hold meetings at Book Revue?

Absolutely! We encourage groups to meet here. Simply contact Loren Limongelli (631-271-1442 or and let her know the number of members and the date and time that you would like to meet. We ask that you register the meeting with Loren in advance so that there isn’t any conflict with other events.

Does Book Revue have its own book group that I could join?

Yes! We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month (we don’t meet in December) at 7:00pm in the store. You don’t have to register, simply read the book and join us at the meeting. Check out the Book Revue Book Group Homepage to find out what we’re discussing next.

Our book group is having difficulty in picking a book – can you help us decide what to read next?

Click HERE to visit our full page of recommendations.

Also, check out our upcoming author events page. Many times we have just the perfect book group author coming. You could pick one of their previous books or the current book and join us for the author discussion. It will give you an opportunity to ask questions directly and will add some much to your own meeting.