Pomroy's World: Arrival

It is only a matter of time and chance before the unthinkable happens. A young boy is hit by a speeding vehicle. The doctors say he will never wake from his coma. No one realizes that Pomroy is now in another strange world. There he meets a beautiful girl named Nna. Nna and Pomroy experience wild adventures and hilarious cross-cultural misunderstandings as they try to survive. Pomroy is torn between his love for the exotic Nna and his desire to go home to his familiar world. Meanwhile, a young physicist and her intern make a fantastic breakthrough. They build a sophisticated dark matter device powered by a quantum computer. Eventually they too are trapped in Pomroy's world. No one knows if the laws of physics will ever let them return.


Samuel Muggington grew up in a pinball machine. When the game began he bounced from Ohio to California. A few years later he rolled over to Arizona, and then a good whack returned him to Ohio. He spent several years teaching in Africa before he returned to the U.S.

After attending graduate school, he joined academia. He had the privilege of teaching many talented students, but eventually he decided to move on to try his hand at writing and gardening.

He has authored seven novels, The Abscission Zone, Who's The Lucky Guy?, Pomroy's World: Alone Volume 2, Pomroy's World: Arrival Volume 1, Force for Good, Sciurus, and People of the Stones.

Samuel Muggington
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