Pasta Anyone?

This book is a culinary adventure that teaches the reader about different types of pasta. Chef Camille Corgi, the main character, introduces the reader to a different type of pasta for each letter of the alphabet. Each type of pasta not only represents each letter of the alphabet, but the reader will also learn how that pasta is made and how it is served. The rhythmic stanzas transcend the reader to different lands through descriptive meals and traditions. By combining pasta and literature, the author hopes to encourage families to try new foods, experiment with exotic cuisines, and make memories with family recipes!


Pamela Nanette Martinalbert-Bouton grew up on Long Island, New York. She has a master’s degree from SUNY Stony Brook in liberal studies with a focus on secondary education. Her bachelor’s degree was earned at Dowling College. There she studied English and business and wrote for the college newspaper. Over the years, Pamela owned an environmentally themed gift shop, worked in advertising, earned her teaching certification, and became the director of a medical billing company. Her true joy has always been writing short stories for her children, Isabella and Paul. This is Pamela’s first published children’s book. She plans to take her readers on many more culinary adventures with Chef Camille Corgi!

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