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You're Getting Divorced...Now What?

"This book will get you through the journey that comes after the difficult decision to get divorced with support and confidence. It will provide you with the tools to move forward."

Donna Drake, The Donna Drake Show, CBS.

You're Getting Divorced... Now What? is the book that you have been looking for. It answers important questions such as, how to choose the right attorney, what to say to your children, the cost of a divorce, what happens when you go to court, how the process works and how to achieve the best outcome for your situation. This invaluable resource clearly identifies the obstacles you will face and provides you with effective strategies and real life examples to navigate past them. With links for every state in America, including court websites, Bar Associations, Domestic Violence and Child Protection Agencies, as well as links to forms created by the author to help you plan your next move, this book makes the difficult circumstance of resolving your divorce in court more understandable and less stressful.

Attorney Sandra Radna is well respected and loved by her clients. She uses clear writing to make the legal world of court less ominous and more predictable.


Sandra M. Radna, Esq.
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