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A Journey Through Time

Driven by her desire to know more about her Italian heritage, twenty-two-year-old Gina MacLeary reaches out to her mother who leads her to eight boxes of journals she kept while growing up in Bologna, Italy. For the first time in her life, Gina possesses the answers to the many questions that have been plaguing her for years. As Gina turns the journal pages and devours her mother's words penned from 1938 to 1945, she witnesses a true glimpse of the human condition during wartime. As her family's experiences are revealed, Gina learns how they coped with the pressures of war, the stress of hiding a family escaping the Jewish ghetto, and their struggle to make it to America. Through it all, Gina gains a new perspective of her family as they endured, sacrificed, and found the strength to overcome adversity. Inspired by real-life stories and conversations, A Journey through Time shares the fascinating tale of an Italian family's struggles as they lived through the horrors of World War Ii.


After graduating from Rutgers University in 1978, I moved from New Jersey and made my home in Ca Di Bazzone, a suburb of Bologna Italy. While living there for a number of years, I taught English as a second language. After returning home to The United States I reestablished myself in New York with my husband, Steven. My husband practices veterinary medicine. I have two sons, Daniel and Joshua. Daniel has become an accomplished musician, living in south Florida, teaching music and playing the blues. My son Joshua, is a practicing veterinarian and works with his father. I've worked the last 10 years as a private college counselor. I have assisted high school students entering college with the application process. I assisted with resume building and more importantly essay writing. Facilitating students to create and develop their own story to write in their essay section of their college application, has helped enhance my writing skills over the years. All of these factors have contributed to the creation of A Journey Through Time.

Mary Ann Dratch
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