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James "Murr" Murray - DON'T MOVE

Saturday, November 14th at 1PM

Join us for an in-person socially-distanced book signing with the star of TruTV’s Impractical Jokers, James “Murr” Murray. He will sign copies of his new thriller, Don’t Move!, in-person at Book Revue!

In order to join the signing, you must purchase a ticket. Each ticket admits ONE person to the signing line and includes one copy of the book, which you will receive at the signing table. 


In order to make this experience as safe as possible for everyone involved, we have strict Covid safety protocols in place for this event. Please be advised of the following if you wish to attend:

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED. Everyone inside of Book Revue must wear a properly fitting mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times.

  • The signing will take place in small, timed groups. Ticket holders will receive text message updates the day of the event instructing them when it is their turn to line up. Ticket holders will not be permitted to form any lines or groups in the store in advance of their assigned signing time.

  • Upon arrival, ticket holders will have their temperatures taken with an infrared thermometer and be asked to sign a Covid release provided by Murr’s team.

  • The signing line will be socially distanced. Everyone in line will be required to maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others in line.

  • Each ticket admits ONE person to the signing line. In order to effectively control the number of people in line, families, couples, and groups will not be permitted to go up on one ticket.

  • The interaction at the signing table itself will be fun and it will be distanced. Everyone is invited to take a socially-distanced selfie with Murr in front of the special event backdrop! Selfies ensure that cell phones are only handled by their owners.

  • Ticket holders will receive their signed books at the signing table. This ensures that we limit the amount of contact between attendees, staff, and Murr. As a result, books will not be personalized, Murr will sign his name only.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up along the signing line and throughout the store.

The store will be open to general browsing during the event. Book Revue staff will closely monitor the store’s capacity at all times and will limit the number of people in the store at a given time to the state maximum of 50% our legal capacity. 

We take the health and safety of our customers, staff, and authors very seriously at Book Revue. All of these guidelines are in place to ensure that we can have a good time at this event while protecting everyone involved. We are grateful to Murr and his team for making this possible, for taking safety as seriously as we do, and for working with us to put together this fun afternoon for Murr’s Long Island fans! 

From the authors of the bestselling Awakened trilogy

Megan Forrester has barely survived the unthinkable. Six months ago, she witnessed a horrific accident that killed her husband and son, and lives with the guilt of knowing she could have done more to save them. Now, Megan hopes to mend the pieces of her broken spirit by attending a local church group's annual camping trip. But the church group members--riddled with dark secrets of their own--make a catastrophic navigational mistake, leaving them stranded in an untouched canyon in the West Virginian national forest.

Isolated from any chance of help or rescue, Megan and the others quickly realize why this side of the canyon has never been surveyed by humankind: it's home to a terrifying prehistoric arachnid that patiently stalks its prey through even the slightest movement or vibration in the forest. And it's desperate for a meal.

Grief-stricken and haunted by her tragic loss, Megan now faces her ultimate test of endurance. Can she outwit a bloodthirsty creature hellbent on ensuring that no one gets out alive? When a single wrong turn can mean death, she only has one option: DON'T MOVE.

Event date: 
Saturday, November 14, 2020 - 1:00pm
Event Type: 
Adult Event
Event address: 
Book Revue Inc.
313 NY Avenue,
Huntington, NY 11743-8200