Hillbillies to Heroes

This memoir is an epic tale in the classic sense: the coming of age of a boy, a region, and an entire nation as World War II is fought and won. Immersive and richly detailed, it is an uplifting true story and a reminder of the priceless gifts handed down from one generation to another.

Taken from transcribed interviews with James Quinton Kelley and other U.S. veterans, and researched and written by his daughter, S. L. Kelley, this story is an inspirational work of Americana, both a rare documentation of a secretive Old South mountain community, and an American soldier's battle experience in Germany at the desperate close of the war in Europe. The narrator's voice is rich with back-woods sayings, wisdom, and compassion as he looks back on a past that reveals an intimate portrait of a loving family who knew how to live without dysfunction and survive hard times, which prepared him for the trials of war.


At times adventurer, explorer, journalist, and documentarian, S. L. Kelley is also a multi award-winning video producer and writer. Her assignments and research have taken her to some of the most remote and extreme places around the world. She's documented treasure hunting high in the Andes Mountains, explored a lost city with archaeologists in the Arabian Desert, and searched for shrunken heads in the Amazon Jungle. Her later work has focused on her home country and includes video interviews with some of America's remaining World War II veterans. The real-life characters and experiences in Hillbillies to Heroes are centered around the story's narrator, James Quinton Kelley, the father of this as-told-to memoir's author, S. L. Kelley. She interviewed him extensively over many years to capture a portrait of this remarkable man using his own words, set in American history.

S. L. Kelley
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