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Hail to Our Camp

Since an early age Jason Rosen is a summer camp nomad, shipped off to various sleepaway camps so his parents can have the summer to themselves. A loner at home, he finds it just as difficult to make friends at camp until the summer of 1969. Amidst the upcoming moon landing, the rise of the New York Mets, the Vietnam War, and some obscure music festival just down the road, Jason navigates his way through the dark side of camp. Where there are those who have warm fuzzy memories of their summers away, there are many more who have been scarred by their time at a sleepaway camp. This is the way camp once was, the golden age of sleepaway, where the strong and wild dominated and the innocent fought to survive and make their way back home. Filled with characters that will last a lifetime, and events like color war, canoe trips and co-ed socials that are foundations of the sleepaway experience Jason Rosen will come of age in a summer that will change the world.

Ed Cohen
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