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Force For Good

Clown's baby brother was shot and killed at the Courts in East Harlem. Everyone thought that thugs from the Original Young Gangsters (OYG) did it, but they couldn't be sure. It seemed like no one could stop the violence until a group of teens took matters into their own hands and formed the Force for Good, FFG. Using their wits, survival skills and the latest techie gadgets, the FFG fought the gang bangers in their search for the killer. The truth turned out to be more evil and twisted than any of them imagined. 


Samuel Muggington grew up in a pinball machine. When the game began he bounced from Ohio to California. A few years later he rolled over to Arizona, and then a good whack returned him to Ohio. He spent several years teaching in Africa before he returned to the U.S.

After attending graduate school, he joined academia. He had the privilege of teaching many talented students, but eventually he decided to move on to try his hand at writing and gardening.

He has authored seven novels, The Abscission Zone, Who's The Lucky Guy?, Pomroy's World: Alone Volume 2, Pomroy's World: Arrival Volume 1, Force for Good, Sciurus, and People of the Stones.

Samuel Muggington
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