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False Light: An Art History Mystery

Scholarly sleuths Erika Shawn, art magazine editor, and Harrison Wheatley, art history professor, tackle another brain teaser. This time they aim to crack the long-undeciphered code of prankish art forger, Eric Hebborn (Drawn to Trouble, Edinburgh 1991), and reveal the whereabouts of a number of his brilliant counterfeits.Hebborn’s game is anything but straightforward, however, and in navigating its twists and turns, the duo is caught up in an even darker realm of art crime. After several participants in the encryption probe are murdered, it becomes clear that there are players for whom there is more at stake here than tracking down a scattering of Old Master knock-offs.As the couple becomes more entangled in the malevolent goings-on and more determined to help bring them to an end, both their courage- and love-under-fire are tested to their limits.

Claudia Riess
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