Aroma: Therapy for Lost Humanity (Paperback)

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Biblical history speaks of a time in our world when there was utter chaos. In the midst of it the Bible reveals a man called Noah, whose character was impeccable in his time. Evil men angered God. But the faith of Noah pleased God and was responsible for the saving of his family. He offered a sacrifice to show his love and respect for God,

and it was noted as a sweet aroma. This demonstration of Noah's heart is a great example for us today.

The book describes in detail, topics such as:

Honor: What it means to honor God in every aspect of one's life.

What's That Smell: Man's attitude of disregard for God.

The Mercy of God: His love for humanity

Aroma Therapy: the impartation of God's love to others. Exhibiting people who have been therapeutic in my life.

My personal experiences are interwoven through-out these pages: you will find challenges and lessons learned, faith fights and victories received.

The love of our Heavenly Father covers each page in this book. His arms are opened wide, ready to receive whoever will come. And that same love is spread to humanity through His children.

Endeavoring to be a sweet aroma to God

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ISBN: 9781664228917
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Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: May 13th, 2021
Pages: 136
Language: English