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Extraordinary Albert (Hardcover)

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A funny and touching story about a sweet gorilla who is a little bit different and learns to love himself. For unique children ages 4 and up.

Albert the gorilla was born with enormous feet. Albert's parents think he's perfect. Extraordinarily perfect. And his extraordinary feet are perfect too. Little Albert loves his enormous feet until he gets older. By then, his big feet have become an extraordinary burden One day, as Albert and his friend Rex are playing in the woods, a storm breaks out. The two gorillas are scared and look for ways to go home. Will Albert's feet come in handy now?

About the Author

Bonnie Grubman grew up with a love of reading. As a child, she lived in an apartment with her family, pet turtles, and a parakeet. On hot summer nights, she would cool off on the fire escape with a flashlight and a big stack of books. Bonnie went to nursing school but later decided to trade her nurse's hat for a classroom full of picture books. She was inspired by her students who found joy and curiosity in everything they saw. Because of these kids, and for all kids, she became a writer. Bonnie lives in Syosset, New York.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781605375922
ISBN-10: 1605375926
Publisher: Clavis
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2021
Pages: 32
Language: English