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A Killer in Paradise (Paperback)

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Sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and of course amusement parks are what comes to mind when you think of Florida. The allure of paradise has drawn millions to this wonderful state better known as "The Sunshine State". But for some, the sunshine has turned into a nightmare. We will look at five of the most notorious serial killers in the history of Florida. We will look at their upbringing and the path that lead them to Florida and ultimately to the courtrooms were each one was eventually sentenced to death. We will go inside the crime scenes and the court rooms to dissect the case piece by piece and blood drop by blood drop. We will warn you now that this book contains actual crime scene photos and extremely graphic details about the killings that will haunt the history of Florida. So if you a squeamish and the sight of death bothers you I recommend that you do not read this book.
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ISBN: 9781511441186
ISBN-10: 1511441186
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 24th, 2015
Pages: 374
Language: English