Artist of the Month

Each month, we are proud to exhibit the work of a local visual artist here at Book Revue. We believe that the literary and visual arts are natural kin and are happy to celebrate and support both in our bookstore. Visit the gallery wall in our Fiction corner to see each month's selected work. 



Gidgette Ulloa-Torres is a student of Ancient Egyptian metaphysics and is using her many talents to help usher in the return of a golden age on Earth. Passion and inspiration from ancient Egyptian study sparks her to dabble in creative disciplines like biology and fashion. She is from Long Island and has a Dominican Republic background with a racial heritage of Arawak, Native American, Spanish European and black African.

The artist holds a Briarcliffe College issued B.F.A. in Visual Communication with a concentration in Illustration. Ulloa-Torres has co-authored two books, “The Primary Cause, Prevention and Reversal of Spontaneous Cancer” (2018) and “The African Origin of Human Beings; Their Civilizations and Their University” (2019). Her Third book is called “The Art History of Life on Earth” (2016).

In 2016, she received the Deans List Award and displayed her work at the Briarcliffe Art Gallery. Currently, she is developing her performance art which focuses on jazz singing, jazz percussion and dance. In 2019 the artist participated in an art show  in London.

You can see her work at Book Revue during the month of February or check out her website here.