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The Twelve Stones of Purity (Hardcover)

This is the first book of three within the trilogy of the 12 stones of purity. The entire trilogy prepares one to propel into the scroll of purpose with unprecedented and countless testimonies. The precepts and concepts presented provide guidance towards a more excellent way of living. We all consider our natural bodies needing food, shelter, and clothing on a daily basis, however, we must come into the knowledge of the truth concerning our spiritual bodies as well. The books guide us into a perception which views God’s vision.

Throughout life’s journey, we experience many avenues of hope, despair, disappointments, grief, and pain, and many times wonder what our purpose is in this life. The time has come for instruction in this matter due to the fact that we often lack the nurturing, cultivating, enrichment, and edification needed to survive on our journey. This trilogy will certainly accentuate the spiritual essence of life. Once an individual enters into the cycle of God’s spiritual flow, an amazing venture into areas of restoration, revitalization, restitution, recovery, as well as powerful resurrection can take place. God does not inhibit His children. He presents a way of escape from all of the issues of life in a way that is difficult to explain, for it surpasses all understanding. He is our spiritual architect who has more wisdom, knowledge, understanding, righteousness, faith, and love than anyone of us. Our entrance into His will brings about a spiritual awakening unlike anything else. Taking this spiritual walk with God allows us to venture into heights unknown to man or woman. Looking through God’s spiritual eyes promotes healing, deliverance, and salvation. God’s tremendous sacrifice of His son, our savior Jesus Christ, is the ultimate example of His love for us. Do you know God?

He is the God of faith who believes in giving us His all so that we can overcome the evil works of this world. He is the God of peace who provides His word as spiritual food for us in the land of the living as well as eternal life. He is the God of deliverance in whom we can trust forever. All our needs He will supply.

Working within ministry over the years, the author has been devoted to the service of the Lord’s kingdom. Focusing on empowerment, encouragement, charity, life-coaching, and instruction, the author has been a willing vessel for Christ with a strong desire to reach as many souls as possible. In the midst of trials and tribulations, the author received a life-transforming vision from the Lord. One consisting of a framework capable of modifying one’s life forever. This framework took the form of a manuscript. However, distractions, tragedy, and sickness caused the manuscript to be buried for many years. God’s grace presented an opportunity for the book’s life as well as the author’s life to be resurrected and shared. Never losing hope of the vision that was given, the author remained faithful in pursuit of God’s will and obedient to His vision.

A vision can change one’s perception when God’s spirit begins to reveal His purpose. It is a very difficult task to imagine lack, sickness, abandonment, rejection, and betrayal as anything good. But, when a vision opens up a door and explains life as a process, one can only imagine how grief, hurt, and pain can be perceived in a brand-new light. Renewal, restoration, revival, redemption, as well as the power of resurrection are imminent factors when God’s spirit is at work. The focus of this book is to receive concepts of living a purified life while viewing life through God’s eyes. We often say seeing is believing. The question is can we believe in what we don’t see.

The author and others have formulated an organization called Purity House, whereby instruction, edification, and spiritual knowledge and wisdom lie at the forefront of its foundation. Those who have a desire to view their lives through the spiritual eyes of God can now share the revelations that God gives them by walking with this new vision in mind. The twelve stones of purity provide an instructional scroll of purpose where we all can help one another within God’s spirit of love and kindness. Purity House begins to share many ways to assess the spiritual realm and help others grow through life’s journeys and experiences. The difference is that we all have a place at the King’s table, without criticism, judgment, or disparity. All are welcome.

Valerie Percival
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