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The Run and Hide

From the lush beaches of Thailand, to the gritty streets of India, to the political battles of New York City and the business dealings of the American South, welcome to the second volume of The Brotherhood Chronicle: The Run and Hide. Niral Solanke, the awkward private investigator from The Brotherhood, is surviving in a sinister Thai underworld when he receives an assignment that reunites him with the Hindu religious organization The Brotherhood and its new leader Bhai. What follows is a balance of loyalties, a test of wills, and an examination of trustworthy sources as Niral is plunged into a new set of international mysteries and adventures. Along the way we meet crime lords, financiers, detectives, hired killers, politicians, ascetics, military generals, drug dealers, prostitutes and many others as they dance along the wire of order and chaos, deities and doom, in this next volume of The Brotherhood Chronicle.

Tejas Desai is the author of the international crime epic The Brotherhood Chronicle, set to be released in 2018-2020, and the acclaimed Good Americans (2013), which Kirkus Reviews has called "a solid collection of rare caliber" that "speaks volumes about the human condition and modern life in America." He is the founder of The New Wei literary movement, which he has written about in the Huffington Post, Neworld Review, Publishing Perspectives and other publications. He was born, lives and writes in New York City, where he works as a supervising librarian. 

Tejas Desai
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