The Brothers Silver

About the Book
The Brothers Silver follows Jules and Leon as they try to find their unanchored way through the cultural upheavals of the second half of the 20th century. The younger Leon lives on the drug-addled edges of society. The older brother, Jules, falls into a destructive relationship that parallels his past insecurities and chaos. What lies in store for the Silver brothers? recovery or turmoil? The 12 chapters of The Brothers Silver unfold in ten voices, each of which has its own language and style, making the novel a tour de force of technique in the American tradition of accessible literary innovation established by Heller, Pynchon, and Wallace. 

About the Author
Marc Jampole wrote The Brothers Silver (Owl Canyon Press, 2021), Music from Words (Bellday Books, 2007), and Cubist States of Mind/Not the Cruelest Month (Poet’s Haven Press, 2017). His poems and short stories have appeared in many journals and anthologies. He has also had published more than 1,800 articles about a variety of topics in newspapers and magazines. A former television news reporter and public relations executive, Marc writes the OpEdge blog and is immediate past president of the board of Jewish Currents, a magazine of politics and arts.

Marc Jampole
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