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Private Good Luck

Five months have passed since the start of World War II. German U-boats are hunting British passenger ships in the North Atlantic and daily life in a rural Hungarian village in what had recently been Czechoslovakia is increasingly restricted by anti-Jewish laws. Yet, with their father’s blessing, four siblings overcome two years of bureaucratic hurdles and flee to America in search of a better life. With only a dollar and a dime in his pocket, the youngest brother begins his pursuit of the American dream, only to have it interrupted by the war. Not yet a citizen, he’s inducted into the Army and chooses to serve in the infantry in order to defend his newfound American freedom, champion the honor of his people, and save the family he left behind. Throughout his service, small serendipities repeatedly safeguard him from almost certain death. From the battlefields of Monte Porchia and Anzio in Italy with the 6th Armored Infantry Battalion to occupied France and Germany with the 67th MP Company, his courage, kindness, and optimism are inspirational. Join him on his transformative journey and learn how his story will be forever linked with the triumph and tragedy of World War II. Documented by extensive primary sources, this memoir-novel precedes an upcoming, remarkably comprehensive, special online collection of correspondence, documents, photos, and artifacts at the US Holocaust Museum.  

Sherwin Gluck
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