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The Overlook and a Collection of Other Works

Enter a realm inspired by the estates of Long Island's Gold Coast and the historic stately homes and gardens of England. This story and four others entice the reader to follow the footsteps of the past into a distant world faded in time.

I entered the garden now and was taken aback to see a young girl of about twenty sitting by a long reflecting pool. She rested on the edge and trailed a lovely hand gracefully through what looked like water. As I came closer I saw there was nothing but blue tiles which lined the reservoir. She sang a soft lilting tune accompanied by the lofty chimes.

"Hello," I said.

She did not answer which I did not interpret as rudeness but as one captivated by her own distractions.

"Hello," I said again. "My name is John."

"One should not ask the name of a goddess," she responded. "I will tell you however. My name is Echo and my song will remain with you forever."

John W. Arthur
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