If You Could Ask Your Dog One Question...

This poetic story of a young girl's struggle to pick the perfect question will warm the hearts of children and their adult readers alike. From "Why do you steal my fuzzy socks?" to "Do I make you happy?", her questions highlight quirky dog behaviors while exposing the profound love that she feels for her pet. With a delightful rhythm, and charmingly sweet scenes hand-painted by Nataliia Pavliuk, this work will resonate with all who have opened their hearts to a furry friend.

32-page, children's hardcover. Target audience: children ages 2 - 8  (but enjoyed by dog lovers of all ages!)

"Endearing. Readers will adore the devotion the girl has for her dog, and vice versa. Young readers and families will enjoy following the girl’s hypothetical questions, and will likely feel an even stronger connection to their pets after the journey." -  booklife by Publisher's Weekly

"A sweet, uncomplicated ode to the love between a dog and their human . . . leads readers to a final, moving question . . ."   -  Blue Ink Reviews

Kim lives on the rocky coast of Long Island, where she enjoys feeding wild turkeys, moongazing, and playing backyard soccer with her husband and black German shepherd, Luna. An avid animal lover, Kim founded My Human "N" Me, Inc., a human-grade pet treat company, which offers gourmet jerky for dogs. She is a middle school earth science teacher, and co-author of Happy Love Sprinkles, a magical, award-winning tale about self-discovery and friendship.

Kim Messina
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