An Ode to the Five Elements I Became this Year

About the Book
At one point in your life - or, to be truthful, at many times - you will find yourself needing to shapeshift.

An Ode to the Five Elements I Became This Year is a tribute to our innate human gift, our ultimate superpower: The ability to adapt and to persevere amidst the unexpected, the painful, the tragic. It is both a celebration and a reminder: If ever you find yourself a ruined sandcastle on the shore, or like mud beneath someone's boots, or with a heart of stone to fortify against the pain, despair not. You are brick and you will rebuild. You are clay, indelibly armed with the power to reshape yourself.

About the Author
Melissa Felson is a 28-year-old poet from Long Island, New York.
Her debut collection is titled "An Ode to the Five Elements I Became This Year."
In addition, her work has been featured in Nassau Voices in Verse, Eve Poetry Literary Magazine, Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus, Remington Review Online Literary Journal and in A.B.Baird’s recent anthology “My Still Waters.”
Melissa is a special education teacher and aspiring BCBA, and can often be found playing ukulele and throwing ‘Writing Celebrations’ in her classroom. In her free time, she loves to: perform poetry and performances at open mics; read in her hammock or on her kayak; and explore new places – always with an iced coffee in hand.
If you enjoy her work, you can read more on Instagram at @intotheminefields.

Melissa Felson
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