About the Book
"Why Won't Mom Eat?"

Dementia sucks.And as the carer of a loved one, the helplessness can be shattering.

Do you struggle and sometimes feel like nothing you do seems to work?

Are you feeling stressed, underappreciated, or even guilty?

Care partners for those living with dementia often suffer from the misconception that to be a great daughter, son, or spouse, you must do everything yourself. Give yourself a break!

In this must-read book by Toni Fisk, you will learn what to do and how to manage your loved one's care while not turning yourself into a basket case. Why go it alone?

Toni has delivered a quick and easy read packed with information you can actually use, including:

-Helpful dementia 101 info for regular folks

-Revealing why your loved one may refuse to eat or drink

-Proven ways to maximize your dining environment

-Amazing, simple, and delicious food and nutrition ideas

It answers all the questions that you didn't know to ask, as well as all those you did, but couldn't figure out how to apply to your own situation.

"I struggled with how to best understand and care for my parents who both had dementia in their last years. This book would have been a tremendous help. I wish it had been available to guide me during that difficult time." M. Taubenheim

About the Author
Toni Fisk is an Air Force Brat who grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, sowed her wild oats in Orlando, Florida during the 80's, and moved to Long  Island, New York in the 90's where she met her husband and started her family. Toni has worked in the dining industry her entire career, beginning in hotels as a Server to Restaurant Manager, and later transitioning to the world of Healthcare and the Senior Living sector in various roles ranging from Executive Chef to Operations Vice President.

Working with our elders in skilled nursing communities gave her the raw and unfiltered experience of dementia and how it was being managed, and some of the failings spurred her into action.

Toni's credentials include: Positive Approach to Care Certified Independent Trainer, Second Wind Dreams Virtual Dementia Tour Certified Trainer, ICCDP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional, NCDDP Certified Dementia Practitioner, ANFP Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional, and NRA ServSafe Registered Instructor and Exam Procter, yet it is her passion for grace and kindness that blazes the trail.

Toni Fisk
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